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Full Backcoating Line For Woven Carpet

Code: REF 20-1305-10182019.

Sellers Brand Full Backcoating Line For Woven Carpet 4.4 mt working width 2007 model year with following sub parts; • Carpet backcoating machine • 2 cylinders carpet shearing machine • Carpet pre-cleaning machine • 1 cylinder carpet shearing machine Machines are very well maintained CONDITION : Installed and running condition

Kunshan Haijin Brand (Chinese Made) Non-Woven Machine

Code: REF 20-1305-10042019.

Kunshan Haijin Brand (Chinese Made) Non-Woven Machine 2017 model year Totally 2 needling has 18.000 needles Output width 2mt. Machine interior width 2.40 mt. Just used for 2 weeks CONDITION : Installed and running situation


Code: REF 19- 2220 - 11272019.

1 X NON WOVEN LINE YEAR 1996 – 2002 USED FOR STANDARD POLYESTER PRODUCTS IN WEIGHT RANGE FROM 150gsm TO 600gsm CONSISTING OF: 1 X BEMATIC CARD, TYPE BSS, MODEL BHL 2500 – 3000, 2002 WIDTH: 3’000MM FEEDING UNIT SINGLE DOFFER DOUBLE RANDOMISER CAPACITY: 650 KG / HOUR 1 X TEC TEX CROSS LAPPER INPUT WIDTH: 3’000MM OUTPUT WIDTH: 4’500MM SPEED: 40 M / MIN 1 X 2N TEC TEX NEEDLE LOOM TYPE NS 3000, 1996 WIDTH: 4’200MM HERRING BONE BOARD SINGLE DOWN @ 1’500 NEEDLES 1 X ROLLING AND CUTTING MACHINE 4 X LONGITUDINAL SLITTERS and X CUTTER DELL “ORCO” VILLANI 4 CYLINDER RAG TEARING LINE, 2003 - 2012 CAPACITY 850 to 1000kg / hour. CONSISTING OF: 1 X PIERRET ROBOT LOADER, serial no: L5910130 2 X BALKAN DT 62 CUTTERS, 2012 2 X DELL “ORCO’ VILLANI blend storage bins, capacity 3 tons each with bin emptier, Volumetric feed to tearing line 1 X DELL “ORCO’ VILLANI 4 cylinders rag tearing line with aluminium lags, 2003 SPECIFIED AS FOLLOWS: 1 X CARICATORE CS / 1600, 1 X SFILACCIATRICE M / 1500, 95kw 3 X SFILACCIATRICE M / 1500, 55kw each WIDTH: 1500mm DUST EXTRACTION TO FILTER BAG SYSTEMS Status: machines were recently stopped but still fully installed.

1 Complete Non Woven Spray and Thermo Bonding Line,

Code: REF 07-0805 -03202019.

1 Complete Non Woven Spray and Thermo Bonding Line, with: 2 BEMATIC bale openers, card, cross lapper, spraying unit, BOMBI dryer, gas heated, 3 passes, cutting device, winder, packing unit capacity app. 200 kg/h, range 60 g to 600 g make: BEMATIC / BOMBI working width: 2450 mm y.o.c.: 2005

Non Woven plant

Code: REF 09-0315-11162018.

- Bale breaker w.w. mm 2800 - Beater w.w. mm 2000 - Blending box w.w. mm 3000 x 5500 + 1300 bin emptier h mm 4000 - Bessi carding machine with hopper loader and electronic weighing device – double doffer w.w. mm 3000 - Technoplant cross lapper inlet mm 3000 – outlet mm 2400 - “2N” preneedling machine upper movement – w.w. mm 3500 – n° 5500 needles per linear meter - “2N” needling machine w.w. mm 3500 – n° 12000 needles x linear meter - Cutting machine w.w. mm 3600 - Many needle boards as spare parts The plant is running. We can produce felts up 200 to 1200 gr/mt. Actually, are producing material for automotive .

Complete Non Woven Spray Bonding Line

Code: REF 07-0805-03202019.

1 Complete Non Woven Spray Bonding Line, mainly consisting of: feeder, FOR card, cross lapper, 2 spraying units ELTEKSMAK dryer, cutting unit, winder, working width: 2500 mm 1 Complete Non Woven Spray and Thermo Bonding Line, mainly consisting of: 2 BEMATIC bale openers, card, cross lapper, spraying unit, BOMBI dryer, cutting unit, winder, packing unit, working width: 2450 mm, y.o.c.: 2005

Non-Woven Fabric(Spunlace,Bonded fabric)Production Line

Code: REF 11- 0213-05122018.

Non-Woven Fabric(Spunlace,Bonded fabric)Production Line Make: FEILONG(China)/Control system(Siemens) Manufacturing year:2015 Length: approximate 54m Non-Woven Width: Max. 3,600mm 1-1. Opening Part 1Set 1)Electronic Weighing Opener x3Set Size: 1,500mm, Capacity:500kg/hr 2)Pre-Opener x1Set Size: 1,200mm, Capacity: 800kg/hr 3)Blender x1Set Big Cabin Blender Type Size: 2,000mm, Cabin volume: 20㎡ 4)Fine Openner x2Set 5)Distributer: ¢320mm Automatic hydraulic type 6)Blow Fan&Pipe Magnet x5Set 7)PLC Automatic Control System SIEMENS 8)Multi Drum Dust Filtering Unit 45KW 1-2. Main Carding M/C 1Set 1)Reserve Box With Fan x2Set Width:1,2500mm, Cap':700kg/hr Blower Type 2)Air Pressure Feeder x2Set Cap':700kg/hr W3, 600xD1,000x3,000mmH Blower:1.5KWx3ea 3)High Speed Carding M/C x2Set WEB Weight: 10-60g/㎡ Speed : 130m/min Main Cylinder:¢1,500x3,800mmL Control Box : SIEMENS 4)Combined Conveyor x1Set W3,800x10,000mmL 1-3. Spunlace Machine 1Set Working width:3,500mm Working speed:130m/min 1)Prewetting Spunlace Units x1Set 2)Drum Spunlace Units x3Set 3)Vacuum Pump x1Set Drum Roll Type 1-4. After-Finishing, Dryer Part 1Set Working width:3,600mm Working speed:130m/min 1)6 Drum Dryer x1Set Drum: ¢1,400mm 2)Accumulator x1Set 4 Roll, Capacity:3m 3)Stain Detector x1Set Speed:150m/min 4)Gram & Moisture Detector x1Set 5)Automatic Winder x1Set Main Roll: Rubber Roll PLC type, Spin winding: ¢76mm 6)Heater Boiler 1Set.Blower:45KW 1-5. High Pressure Water supply System 1Set 1)High Pressure Auxiliary Pump Station, Tabilizer, Police Filtration, Connecting Pipe x6Set Pump:132KWx2ea, 90KWx2ea 75KW,37KW 2)Middle Pressure Pump x1Set 45KW 3)Low Pressure Water Supplying Pump Valve x1Set 11KW 1-6. Water Suction System 1Set 1)High Pressure Water Separation Censored x2Set 25,000PA, 12,000PA 1-7. Water Filtration 1Set Circulation volume:200Ton/hr High pressure pump : Max 100bar 1)Floating Filtration System x1Set Water tank: W4,000x2, 500Hx16,000mmL 2)Sand Filtration System x4Set Shell Type 3)Bag Filtration System, Metal Filtration Water Tank Belt Press 4)Tank, Level, Control, etc 5)Fine FILTRATON 6)Process Connect Filtting 1-8 Main Control System 1Set PLC Bus Control System (Without Secondary Wiring) 1-9 Auxiiary Equipment And 1Set Optional Parts 1)Spare Needle Board x4Set 2)Spare Net(50#, Aperture Drum) x1Set 3)Needle Board Cleaning M/C Heating Box x1Set 4)Slitter M/C x1Set

3.2m S Nonwoven machine

Code: REF 03-1105-05102018.

1) There are S, SS, SSS, SMS, SMMS model machines with 1.6m, 2.4m, 3.2m and customizable width we can provide, whose products are widely used in various fields: Ordinary Applications (Shopping bags, Agricultural covers, Furniture, etc.) Hygiene Applications (Baby diapers, Sanitary napkins, Facial mask etc.) Medical Applications (Surgical gown, cap, bed sheet, Face mask, etc.) Technical Advantages: * S/SS/SSS/SMS/SMMS model with 1.6m/2.4m/3.2m or Customizable width * Reliable German & Japanese Technology with competitive prices * High performance with lower energy consumption, high output & quality * Well-structured and easy to operate, highly automated * Controlled by PLC and operated with HMI * Marginal material on-line recovery 2) We can provide PP Nonwoven Fabrics for Hygiene and Medical applications as below, SMS/SMMS Hydrophobic (Waterproof) Nonwoven SS/SSS Hydrophilic (+Soft) Nonwoven SS/SSS (Super) Soft Nonwoven SS/SSS Virgin Nonwoven

Refurbished nonwoven CBF feeding system machinery

Code: REF 07-0221-04242018.

refurbished nonwoven CBF feeding system machinery. Working width 2000 - 3500 mm, as needed.


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