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Monfongs Compactor for sale Yoc 2012 Width 250cm

Code: REF 03 -2212-06292020.

Monfongs Compactor for sale Yoc 2012 Width 250cm 95% new connect with power

Santex open-width drying /softening machine

Code: REF 03-2212-06282020.

Santex open-width drying /softening machine For woven fabrics Yoc 2007, Width 200cm 2 chamber, steam heated running condition

CROSTA raising machine + shearing

Code: REF 09-1421-06272020.

CROSTA raising machine + shearing 24cylinders pile/counterpile Year 1981 CROSTA natural teazing machine CHD90 year........ CROSTA rotary press CSS/B Year 1990 SPEROTTO RIMAR continuous decatizing machine MULTIDECAT2 Year 1990 REGIS opend width washing machine model EKD year 1998 SPEROTTO RIMAR continuous decatiziong machine under pressure DECOFAST year 2003 BIANCO rope opener + JBOX inox steel structure, automatic detwister. TMT squeezing padders 3 Cylinders F3C year 1995 TMT wet brushing machine 4D year 1993 inox steel structure. CORINO weftstriangtner SUPERN year 2003 MINOX atmosferic overflow dyeing machine CA5 98°C year 2002 MINOX atmosferic overflow dyeing machine CA30 98°C year 2002 MINOX small dyeing machine for samplers, 4 tanks TCC/4 year 1998 98°C MACCHI pattern cutting machine zig-zag blade H.800 mm. BETA squeezing cylinders for squeezing padders CIMI squeezing cylinders for squeezing padders in LAVANOVA washing machine

Red flag desizing, year 2013, 160cm

Code: REF 03-0122-06252020.

Red flag desizing machine YOC 2013 Roller Width: 180cm Working Width: 160cm Fabric Entry 3 closed washing box 1 steamer 5 closed washing boxes 24 drying cylinders (570mm) fabric exit Stopped in the mill floor

Dilmenler Dildye Jumbo HT Fabric Dyeing Machine

Code: REF 20-1305-06242020.

Dilmenler Dildye Jumbo HT Fabric Dyeing Machine 900 kg Capacity (6x150) 2012 model year Setex 777 CE programmer 1 pc reserve tank 2 pcs additional tank 168 mm circular nozzle CONDITION : Installed and running situation

Monfongs stenter Yoc 2017 width 180cm

Code: REF 03 -2212-06242020.

Monfongs stenter Yoc 2017 Working width 180cm Gas heated Horizontal chain 10 chambers center device with padder Maxon burners With korean weft straightener stopped on the mill floor

Osthoff singeing Yoc 2009 Wdith 200cm

Code: REF 03 -2212- 06232020.

Osthoff singeing machine for sale Yoc 2009 Wdith 200cm 2 burner with cloth exit and cloth entrance Running condition

Monfongs Stenter Yoc 2012 Roller Width: 260cm;

Code: REF 03-0122-06222020.

Monfongs Stenter Yoc 2012 Roller Width: 260cm; Working Width: 240cm 8 chambers Oil heated Horizontal pin chain With padder and centering device For knitting Stopped in the mill floor

THIES TRD DS High rope dyeing 400 Kg year 2003 -

Code: REF 09-0709A-06202020.

THIES TRD DS High Temperature HT long tube machine for rope dyeing 400 Kg year 2003 - Manufacturer: THIES (made in Germany) - Model: TRD DS - Year of construction 2003 - High Temperature - Max. exercise temperature 140 °C - Liquor ratio min. 1:8 - N° 2 pipes with N° 2 ropes for each pipe, total N° 4 ropes - Nominal loading capacity 400 kg, 100 kg. For each rope - Double tank for introduction of the dyestuffs and auxiliary stuffs; both tank are equipped with electromixer - Liquor circulation pump with variable revolutions by inverter - Heat exchanger - self cleaning filter - Motirized reels with adjustable speeds - Motorized fabric discharging reel - Programmer: Setex T 838 - Stainless steel footboard to allow the operator all the normal loading and unloading operations of the fabrics - Machine in excellent condition - Machine still working

Chinese Brand Stenter,year 2013,ww320cm

Code: REF 03-0122-06192020.

Chinese Brand Stenter,year 2013,ww320cm Specification: Year : 2013 Roller Width: 340cm Working Width:320cm ORIGIN: China Heating : Gas heating Drying chambers: 8 With centring device With padder clip chain With weft Straightner 8 drying cylinders Stop In mill floor

Complete Processing plant

Code: REF 03-0122-06172020.

Complete plant can split sale Specification: Chinese brand,year 2010,working width 180cm singeing machine desizing machine Mercerizing Machine Continuous Dyeing Range Open Width Washing Machine Korean IL SUNG Stenter

complete stenter line Brueckner 7 chambers

Code: REF 09-0709A-06172020.

complete stenter line Brueckner 7 chambers gas working width 2000 mm for woven and knitting completely reconditioned and retrofitted in the year 2016 with VIDEO - Brand Brueckner - For woven and knit fabric - Entry frame with adjustable fabric braking device - Slat centring widening device Corino FLC 4 - Padder Beta with N. 3 cylinders with double imbibing tank - Weft straightener Bianco with optical heads, year of construction 1995, complete with new screen - Stenter Brueckner, - Year of construction 1980 - Useful working width 2000 mm. - Long introduction arms, suitable for processing knit fabric too - Steaming device, located underneath the introduction arms - Selvedges glueing device - N° 7 chambers heated by natural gas - Colling on the exit - Selvedges trimming devices complete with suctioning for the cut selvedges - Delivery of the fabric in plaits - Electric control board - Exhauster complete with ducting - Touchscreen panel - Machine is in running conditions


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