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Lafer continuous ammonia mercerizing line 2011

Code: REF 09-0709A-11222019.

About this item

Lafer continuous ammonia mercerizing line 2011 - Manufacturer: Lafer S.p.A. - Model: Permafix - Year of construction: 2011 - rollers width : the machine plate indicates 2.000 mm, but all the rollers, on specific request of the actual owner, are wider (they are about 2200 mm). sometimes he has processed elastic fabrics up to 2100 mm. The line is composed as follows: - Entry frame for the fabric complete with adjustable fabric braking device - J-BOX device with accumulation of the fabric with non-stop effect on the entry - widening device for the edges - brushing group with double brush for the right/reserve side complete with suctioning - dehumidification unit with cooling on the exit, composed of: N. 3 cylinders, heated by steam, diameter 500 mm on the entry N. 2 cooling cylinders, diameter 500 mm on the exit - unit to create the vacuum with double sealing system - vacuum unit for the treatment of the fabric in ammonia - vacuum unit for the fabric drying for the evaporation of the ammonia with conveying to the recovery system - unit with double sealing system for the vacuum retention - vaporization unit to eliminate the last traces of ammonia - deodorizing unit composed of 2 heated cylinders, diameter 500 - J-BOX device with accumulation of fabric with no-stop effect on the exit - Delivery of the fabric in big roll or plait - N. 1 control pulpit “slave” on the machine - N. 1 control pulpit “master” in the operating office - N. 1 main electric board - plant for the ammonia recovery, condensation/cooling, complete with electric control board and all accessories for its functioning, located outside the factory - distillation system for the total recovery of the ammonia (it is not essential for the mercerizing but anyway it is important, because it allows to recovery completely the ammonia), located outside the factory. - control pulpit for the distillation system, inside the operating office. N.B.: attention the plant will be supplied WITHOUT the plastic scrabber for the abatement/neutralization of the gases coming from the treatment and evaporation units, because it is connected with other machines. Examples of the plant Productivity, which changes very much according to the fabric type, their cleannes degree and weight: - fabric denim, width1900 mm 400/450 gr. linear meter, not desized, - speed 10/11 meter/min. - fabric denim, width 1900 mm 400/450 gr linear meter, desized - speed14/15 mt/min. - shirting fabric, width 1800 mm 150/200 gr. linear meter - speed 18/20 mt/min. The line is located in Italy and can be inspected in running. The line is in working.
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