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VAN DE WIELE Carpet weaving loom

Code: REF 02-2114-09032019.

About this item

01 VAN DE WIELE Carpet weaving loom type HCP X2-300 year of construction 2010, serial number V-0036-001, working width 3000mm, reed density 700 D/M 8 cords, jacquard VAN DE WIELE with 2 MJCC3 10080 + 8064 hooks, harness avec 8 colour cords, high beam stand for 8 split beams with 12 pieces, ground warp and pile stop motion included, creel for PP Bobbins, pitch 240 x 260mm, 2 weft feeders XD X2 VAN DE WIELE with bobbin support, 380V. 02 VAN DE WIELE Carpet weaving looms type CRT 82-430 year of construction 2002, serial numbers G-6281-001 and G-6281-002, working width 4000mm, reed density 500 D/M 6 cords, jacquard VAN DE WIELE with 2 PTX 6720 + 6720 hooks, harness with 6 colour cords, low beam stand for 4 split beams with 6 pieces, ground warp and pile stop motion included, creel for PP Bobbins, pitch 270 x 290mm, 2 weft feeders XD X2 VAN DE WIELE with bobbin support, 380V.   01 Back-coating finishing line for woven carpet backs up to 4,20m working width. Following details : carpet sewing machine DOHLE type 852-914 (year of construction 2006) on rail / side-position cutter machine MATTHYS type 96.321.325.8 / J-box / back-coating machine SELLERS (year of construction 2010) including 2 tanks with capacity 30.000L, detection level and filler pipes / gas drying unit SELLERS provided with 4 gas fired burners, cooling unit and drum / cylinder unit / J-box / bridge / side-position machine MATTHYS type 321JB-S1.325 (year of construction 1996) / take up roll with metal detection system MESUTRONIC / compact vertical steam box SELLERS (year of construction 2014) / lustration machine LAMPERTI type LC/A (year of construction 2013) / ironing roller / J-box / cutting device VAN DE VELDE with 4 cutter heads / folding unit / roll unit (without side position). 01 Take-up machine HANDSAEME with 2 drive units, to roll woven carpets after finishing, working with until 4,00m, year of construction 2011, serial number 11733. Motor specifications : 380V / 50Hz / 6kW.   01 Steam installation RCB (Rafael Cubells Ballester) type MINOR 2000 model VE 1000-13 year of construction 2012, complete installation adjusted in 2015 by DECONINCK WANSON. Testing Pressure : 25,5 bar, Working Pressure : 15 bar, Max. Temperature : 200,5°C, 1815 liters pressure tank, 675 kW, CE-conform. 01 Working table for carpets with a width 5m20 and length 3m40. 01 Automatic carpet packing machine MATTHYS type OF72VA year of construction 1996, working width until 1m60, equipped with a tube-storage unit year of construction 2003. Technical information MATTHYS type OF72VA : 380V / 50Hz / 1000W / 7 bar. Roll / packing machine EVILO type HRSA06-2001-12 year of construction 2001, with plastic roll-frame support, used for making carpet rolls. Total length of the motorized rolls : 2m80. 01 Fringing line for carpets. Details : cutting table ESC (year of construction 12/2001) with conveyor belt 4m50 / fringe table 3m30 BUT WITHOUT machines TITAN / conveyor belt 3m20. Technical information ESC : 380V/50Hz /20A / 7kW. Serial numbers : ESC n°1201000900 (12/2001) + control unit ESC n°220100900 (12/2001)   01 Clips machine ESC with conveyor belt, to close plastic bags. 02 Take-up driving unit for woven carpets both with 2 take-up rollers, 1 electrical control box. 01 Dust aspiration system. Details : aspiration motor, control unit, metal frames and metal tubes, dust bags. 01 Steam installation UNIBEL type TWH30 year of construction 2002, Working Pressure : 10 bar. 01 Knotting machine KNOTEX type AS/2 year of construction +/- 1998, 230V, working width knotting table KNOTEX 2200mm, serial number 381/2 220/40 900/202. 01 Knotting machine KNOTEX model construction year +/- 1993, without scissor without knotting table KNOTEX.
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